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FROM RED TO GREEN PLANET Colonize the planet in order to transform it into a green one. By terraforming, Mars is becoming a new home for the new Martians.
GATHER RESOURCES Elements like water, oxygen and carbon dioxide are urgently needed for the colonization of Mars. You will be able to find and transport these essential resources.
RESEARCH NEW TECHNOLOGIES Explore and investigate new elements in order to increase the wealth of your colony.
FOUND YOUR GUILD Unity makes strength! Find other skilled explorers and create together a great place to live.
Feb 1, 2018


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Be a space pioneer in Mars Tomorrow!

Can you overcome all obstacles, make crucial decisions and advance through all 8 phases? Try your luck as a Martian and lead the challenging settlement project called Mars Tomorrow today!


Explained in-game. Mouse and Keyboard.

March 27, 2018

Dear Martians, the Mars is a constantly changing environment. As more and more settlers are reaching the red planet’s surface. To make their arrival as comfortable as possible, the User Interface (UI) has been completely reworked. All Buttons are now better to distinguish. Further the games whole introduction was explicitly eased and simplified and also more options like jostle with energy were implemented. It also goes without saying that of course also bugs within the game were fixed. Unite your tactical skills in already existing guilds or create new guilds to establish an industrial empire on Mars. Weather as a single player, guild or colony, will you be able to prevail? The following changes will be adapted to Mars: - Completely reworked User Interface (UI) - Tutorial improvements - Transporter list now contains additional warning messages - New feature “jostle” in exchange for tritium/energy available on all maps - Duration of the habitat energy boost set to 3 hours - Only one starter package available with 10 days duration - Instant notifications when boosts are awarded - Created “Help” Chat-Channel - Minor graphical adjustments - Reworked text elements - Fixed bugs We hope you like the changes we made on Mars. Give us your feedback and share your opinion about the new update with us. Good luck and fortune and have fun playing the game! Your Mars Tomorrow Team
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